Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Lately, I have found Music to be life. Or at least, a very big part of it. It takes me to new places. Sometimes, I go on walks, just me, myself, and my music. My ipod is in my pocket and i forget where I am. All the lit up trees, and shiny sttreets after the rain, with my very own personal backround music, I'm really in a fairytale. When the song ends, so does the fairytale. But once a new song begins, it's a new fairytale, with a new theme, depending on the song. It's funny, sometimes I listen to slow, Passionate music, by Utada Hikaru, then I listen to fun, rock music like Fall Out Boy, then I'm listening, to Random, fun music like Kate Nash. I'm a drama-queen, filled with sooo many emotions, that I cannot figure myself out. Thats why I love music, It's meaningful, and It helps me figure myself out.



*jemima* said...


My ears were peeping into your music box and the sounds that come from its depths, are simply charming.

Yes, the quest shall be fufilled as soon as possible, it is rather exciting is it not? I have to walk with Shakespeare for a while until I finish writing about his queens and then exam revision but this weekend I shall complete the quest and record my journey.

I think it deserves it's very own blog entry.

I am going to link you on my blog.

Jemima x

Lenore said...

Jemima!! Isimply adore your comments!! and I wish you luck on your walk with Shakespeare! thank you for the compliment on my music box. and thank you for linking me


peachy-pinklove said...


For what are we all but a dream,
a dream within a dream?