Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cross Your Fingers, Hold Your Toes...

...We're all gonna die when the building blows ((My favorite song at the moment))

well, I had quite a delightful day today. It consisted of watching A Little Princess. ((Lovely movie...made me cry and made me truly belive we are all princesses))

Then, taking a wild walk in the rain. Just for the fun of it. My boots are ruined, but I don't care!

Then, reading Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. It somwhow reminds me of my strange dreams. Confusing, yet curious and beautiful.

Then, listening to Laura Marling while I worked on "My Favorite Things" scrapbook. I try to put as much love and imagination as I can into it.

Now, I'll probably stay up very late and watch Kiki's Delivery Service.

I feel like I was once again reborn into a little girl, and I love it!



Whats Nothing? Nothing, is what you tell grown ups when they ask what you're doing.

"what are you doing?"

Right now...I'm doing nothing. Nothing at all...


Friday, February 27, 2009

My Huckleberry Friend

Moon River has been my friend for a long time. Ever since I first saw him...But I never realized it.

We never notice him, no one does. That is, when we are younger. We all feel like we were ignorant and stupid when we were young, but we were not. we just couldn't see as well as we can now.

I never noticed his nostalgic presence...his dreamy presence. he is my little piece of the world that is away from the world. And now that I can't see him, I miss him so, so much. But I'll find him. I'll cross him in style some day.

He is My old dream maker, and Heart breaker. Moon River, and me.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars, Blog Awards, Music and Movies!!

well, i haven't posted in a while...

Alot has been happening. I got back from boston last week. As soon as I upload the photos, i will start a series on this blog and call it "Boston" ((yes, very simple)). I cannot wait!!

Did you see the Oscars??? Oh, it was soooo amazing!! I was soooo happy to see Heath Ledger get best supporting roll...If only he was with us sad!

Someday, I'll be there. I'll get in the department of best supporting Actress, Lead actress, or Director. I will...I will.

Seeing all those people get soooo emptional while accepting there Oscar, inspired me. I can do anything.

Also...Jemima has given me a LOVELY award!! Thank You darling...

The rules are...1. Link the blog who gave you this award. 2. Give the award to seven other bloggers and link them. 3. Tell them that you have given them an award.

Now I must pass this on to 7 other lovely bloggers...So....

1. Sprinkle (A lovely girl who has giant city dreams just like me! Also, a super blog! It makes me warm inside)

2. Lonely Heart ( Very deep thought that gets us all thinking. I'm always excited for a new post)

3. sammi-lise (Her blog truly is a fairy tale unlike any other. simply amazing. i also adore the music!!!)

4. ChipotleChick (Very, Very entertaining. I always enjoy reading her blog. You know...She reminds me of this friend i have...but thats another story. Anyway, great blog)

5. Peachy-Pinklove (Yes, I know she's not on blogspot, but she still has a great blog. She calls her thoughts tiny, But they're big. The beautiful thoughts of a true dreamer)

6. DeeLoli (quite the Lolita!!! a very pretty blog with great music!! All my faves- Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X...Please, please post more!!)

7.Chromaphilick (A very interesting blog...BEAUTIFUL pictures. awesome.)

There you go! You all desrve it darlings!!!!!

now...just a few random things I feel like stating.

Music lately: Moon River (I cannot stop playing it on my keyboard and singing it!)

Clothes lately: My Abby Dawn rock and roll jeans (LUV EM!)

Schoolwork lately: well, projects about Ancient Egypt, and i need to start a biography on Edgar Allen Poe.

My Movies lately: Well, i'm going to try to make my first animation!! *happy music plays* but, I just finished this cool mucic video using clips from my favorite Video Game (Kingdom Hearts) and this cool song by my favorite japanese singer, Utada Hikaru! ((Random Dierector moment))

well, thats all for now.

Never forget- Live, Laugh, Love ((The Three Ls)) hehe


Saturday, February 14, 2009

oh, how I love you Boston!

The most magical place=Boston!!

So great to fall asleep with City Lights keeping the room alive, and to wake up, staring at builidings like tall castle towers...

A picture from outside my window!!, not the best though...

I'll take more, and maybe post a video!


Friday, February 13, 2009


I've made it. Finally...

Here I am, sitting in a bulding, like a princess in a tower, city lights all around me, buildings, cars, people, magic...

I cannot believe it.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You Sprinkle!!

well, Sprinkle, of the Sprinkle-Diary has given me an award!! I am sooo happy, and it is sooo lovely! <3333

Hmmm...Who should I give it to??? I think I will give it to.....
She has a simply LOVELY blog. ((But, everytime I try to go on it, it wont let me!! I hope You're reading this!! <3>
anyway, random fact, i have been listening to Fall Out Boy, NON-STOP!! I simply love them, and Pete wentz is adorable. When you look at my playlist, well, it doesnt seem like the most likely thing I would listen to...But i shall add one of their songs now!
ah yes...Only one more day till Boston!! Soon, i'll fall asleep watching city lights...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Birthday Ever

Well, first, yesterday, i managed to find one of my gifts, a "Kiki's Delivery Service" DVD. It was one of my most favorite movies as a 6 yr. old ((or was it 5?)) So it was rather nice and nostalgic. I can really understand it now, because its all about the things we go through in life, and its also a very cute, and beautifully animated movie.
second: I woke up quite early, expecting not an Amazing birthday, just some CDs, a book, maybe another DVD, then I would go to a movie with some of my friends. I was wrong. My first gift, A Fall Out Boy CD ((I love that band)), from my brother. Then, Breaking Dawn ((the fourth twilight book)), from my mom. And then there was another thing from my mom. i opened it, and it was a white box i could decorate myself, and inside, there was a little Hello Kitty hot-spicy-candy container ((the candy is lovely)) and an envolope. I opened it, and there were two papers inside. My mom said to read the letter first. So i did, and it talked about how i want independence and how she thought that now, I deserved it. ((At this point, I'm thinking she got me a credit card)) When I looked at the other papers, they were all, Bussiness stuff, all grown up words i could not understand.....i asked what it is, and she said
"You're going to Boston"
I almost fainted. I'm going to Boston ((BIG city)) on my own, for three days next weekend, and I'm staying with my Mom's friend. I' so excited, in fact...There's only about 5 more days...This is a dream come true.
But there was more...A while later, My mom asked me to get the door, but i was on the phone. So when i finally got off, I'm wondering "Why must I answer the door??!"
I open it, and standing there is one of my best friends, who lives two hours away. Was this really happening?? So we had a great day together, we took a walk, then went Go-Carting, then ate Chienese for luch. The we had my Birthday cake ((Which was soooo lovely and Nostalgic, because my mom made it just the way she did when I was younger)) then he went home.
He happened to move to the same place I was moving ((He was One of the many people we knew from there)) He came to live where we used to live a couple of yrs ago, then he moved back home, and i moved one or two weeks after. But like i said, he lives Two hrs. away. But it was awesome to think that, One year ago today, i was celebrating with him and all my friends i miss soooooo much. So him being here, is like a small part of that here today.
After that, i went to the movies and saw "Push" with some friends. I just got back a little while ago...and it was amazing! This was truly, the best birthday ever!!
I cannot believe it was real.

Friday, February 6, 2009

the post without a name...

Well, I really do not know what to call this post...

Anyway, my birthday is on Sunday. Usually I am VERY excited, but for some reason, I'm anxious...why?? It doesn't make any sense...Could I be turning into a Bella??


well, anyway...It did not snow that hard after all. I love snow, it is simply magical! It did snow here recently, just a few weeks ago...I was going to write a whole post on that with pictures...but I was far too lazy to upload the photos...I will though...sometime I guess...

I have been chatting with "him" lately. I miss him sooo much. I dont think he thinks of me at all, because I've stopped having dreams about him. Boys are really clueless...haha

Ohhh...My dreams for the city have not yet left. my dad might have to go to a convention in Chicago, so I might go with him. Either that, or My mother might take me to New York...I'm not sure. My mom wants to visist some friends, so who knows? I Just want to get out of here, and run away...

Oh yes...A random fact about me:

Did you know, that at school I am basically thought of as the "Almost-Punk-Emo-Girl"

((I hate labels)) even though I'm soooo bubbly? Well, I seem to like the color black lately, and I'm quite into lots of wristbands and *Drumroll* Hot Topic!! ((One of my fave shops, along with the Hello Kitty shop..hehe)) I was putting on one of those punk-rocker wrist-bands, and my friend said "Wooahhh...Don't you think thats sorta emo?"

so what?

It's my style and I like it. Its not like I'm trying to make a statement, or something. I just like wristbands and Converse. And sometimes, I like elegant, girly-goth stuff ((Lolita, hehe))

The best word to describe me: Quite Strange

ummm...well, thats two...

Oh, yes. Today, The amazing ChipotleChick has written something quite nice about me on her blog. It really made my day. Thank You. I can honestly say that her blog is awesome. So read it. Seriously, read it, I love it.

Well, I suppose I just posted for the fun of it. As well as to thank ChipotleChick ((Thanks Again))

I wish you all a great night ((or day, if you're reading this during the day))
((Oh, and about the angel/anime picture...I just like it alot, and I didnt know what else to post hehe))


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Please, Let it snow harder.
Turn my town into a snowglobe. Please...