Friday, January 9, 2009

Well, about jumping into life ((see previous post))

here is the 'Long Story'...

I wanted to try out for the "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" play at school. but I was confused (and very stupid) and a bit scared. so I went home. When I got home, I told mom all about my good news, a project I got and A on (Yay!!) , and about my day.

then I told her about the play. and that drove her mad! She knows how much I want to be an Actress/Director and told me that I should've auditioned and that I shouldnt let life pass me by. So I felt rather bad about myself and she said "C'mon, Lets drive you back now!"

Of course I was quite late, and afraid that they wouldnt let me audition. But anyway, we picked up my brother, then drove qickly to my school.

Luckily, they let me in and I got to audition!!!! I wanted to audition for the part of Veruca (The snobby rich girl) but just for fun, I read for the part of Mrs. Gloop (The mom of the kid who eats far too much chocolate, she's German). Now, I have taken German before, so I know how to do the accent. The Drama Teacher said I was great!! And so did my friends.

When I tried out for Veruca, I did well, but I did Mrs. Gloop much better. So I'm 99.9% sure, that I am getting the part of Mrs. Gloop. It is a small part, but I do it so well, that I'm going to try my best to make that part shine!

I'm soooooo excited! Imagine if I hadn't taken that opportunity???




Lonely Heart said...

Is this your first time in a play? I recently tried out for my school play, and I actually got a part.

Thanks for the comment and for finding my blog = ]
I have yet to get stronger from stuff like that. Every time he says "I miss you" or "love ya anyways," I fall apart. I guess it's all part of the process.

Brian said...

Congrats. My daughters love drama too, they are getting ready to start "annie get your gun".
good luck

grace and peace,

Lenore said...

thanx for the comments!! its not my first time. last year i did a play and it was the best experience ever!!

and Lonely Heart, I'm sure it must be hard, but always be strong =D