Saturday, January 10, 2009

Captive Hearts

I just bought volume two of this rather lovely Manga i'm reading called Captive Hearts. I'm almost done with it. Its rather romantic (and sort of silly at the same time, but that makes it even more lovely). It's basically about this man named Megumi who is under this ancient curse in which he is like a servent to Suzuka (a girl). The curse is that he treats her like his mistress whenevr they make direct eye contact. (wierd, haha) He begins to fall in love with her, but she does not want to make his life hard, so she tries to break the curse, but cannot find a way. So, that creates a wall between them. But either way, they're madly in love. So it's epic!

I drew a picture of Suzuka. It was a very pretty page in the book, so i drew it (I did not trace!!). I also bought volume two of We Were There. But I'll write more about that once i start to read it.

yes, I know I'm not an amazing artist, but its fun!


Anonymous said...

I always get Anthony. :(

Lonely Heart said...

The only manga series I've read is Kodocha, and it was amazing. And Captive hearts sounds pretty intersting.

I really don't know how I get how II get into these situations with guys. I crumble everytime he tells me how much he doesn't want to lose me. I had every intention of not talking him again, but obviously that didn't work.

Oh look we're on the phone...

Anonymous said...

Oh I disagree with you.
It is amazing.
xxx Rosebud

Cursed♪♫ said...

U draw well !!!
Btw, very cool blog ! :)
Do view mine!