Friday, January 9, 2009

It occured to me today, Why do I like writing on this blog?

and I realized, because here on blogspot, we're all beautiful. we're all exactly who we want to be. We can write about normal things and make them sound so lovely because thats how we see life, and now others can as well.

We meet other's who feel the same way, and for once in our life, it's not about faces, or clothes, or schools we go to. It's about words. Word drained from our head into the text. We're all free.

On my blog, is my favorite music, my favorite places, books, quotes, so much!!! And this is who I am and for once people are seeing ME!

I just find that so beautiful.

Haha! another Random Rant. But anyway, It's how I feel.



Lonely Heart said...

Thank you SO much for the encouragement! Haha I tend to talk a lot in comments too.

I love blogging for that very reason. I can be exactly who I really am. I can "take off my mask." And the people on here have to best things to say.

Lenore said...

:) you're right, about the whole "taking off the mask thing"

and I'm glad that u liked the encouragement.


ps- ur right, people do always say the most amazing things here

anywhere I lay my head said...

You put it very nicely! That's the reason why I love blogging so much too!

Lonely Heart said...

Thank you for following my blog too!

Anonymous said...