Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas lights and Chilly nights

Hello! Sorry I've been gone forever...long story. Had bad luck with my laptop :(

But I'm back...and I'm here to say: MERYY CHRISTMAS!!

For some reason I am very very excited for christmas this year because I have a feeling it will be quite magical :)

This year for Christmas I would like...

~Peter Pan on DVD (ahh, the good Old days...)
~Whisper Of the Heart (and a few other Hayao Miyazaki movies)
~The Art Of Tim Burton (GAH must own this book!!)
~And few CDs (not quite sure which mind just went blank haha)
~and last but not least: For my family and friends to all SMILE! :)

Something about clouds of smoke escaping my mouth out in the cold, and the tiny christmas fairy lights all around...something about it is just so magical, and can bring a certain warmth to my heart like nothing else

Oh, speaking of a warmth to my heart...Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Blog Birthday post. It made me feel so special, like I made e difference in the world...even just a tiny one...I love you all very very much! *virtual hugs!!*

So, my lovely blogger darlings, Have a lovely Christmas season, and be sure to tell me what YOU want from Santa! :)