Friday, July 24, 2009

People Who Inspire

Well, I am very sorry people...Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland trailer will not Show anymore, they took it off the internet :(

But, sometime before the movie comes out, I will show you the outfit I'm wearing to see the movie!! Polyvore is amazing, right?
Well, I have been NEEDING to do a post on a few people who inspire me when it comes to style :) These people are:

Lady Gaga

Gotta love that bow ;) She also talked about How difficult it was to become famous and how hard she worked just to get her songs played...look how big she is now!

Katy Perry
LOVE her 40's pin-up girl style!! also, obsessed with her song Waking Up In Vegas

Kate Nash

My favorite by far...I love all her dresses (never saw her wearing pants, right?) and all the sweet prints on them, love her hair, and i LOVE her music :) :) by the way, she has a new album coming out later this year! Can't wait!

And, today is Friday, which means I will post a music video i LOVE
such a pretty and sweet video! so inspiring and real...and Chicago is beautiful...
well, now that I have talked about people that inspire me, who inspires you?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Geeking Out Right Now!!!


Oh em gee...I seriously almost fainted just now from excitement!!!

I was about to do a post on People wo inspire, in style and such...but after the little spaz attack I just had...ahhhh!!!! was roaming around the exciting land: Twitter :) and I found that Tim Burton's Alice, was in the trending topics...Now, being a total Tim Burton worshiper (yes, he is my idol) and loving Alice in Wonderland, naturally I clicked on it...and found something that made my YEAR!

HFDTRHJ;GOUW!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! I can easily see this becoming my most favorite Movie of all time!

And Isn't Johnny Depp just fantastic? I mean

Ok...Im so very sorry for completely freaking out there...but Im soooo excited for this! I'm sooo very anxious for 2010...

By The way...Big shout-out to Sprinkle! Happy Birthday Dear!! Hope you have a fabulous year and loads more to come :) xxx

and I'm sorry for being late on The tea party post...some of the pictures are on my friends phone and when I see her I'll upload them :)

oh by the way, what are your thoughts on Tim Burton's Alice? Excited? I know I am :)


Monday, July 20, 2009

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes

Hello!! How is everyone? I have been having a lovely time at the beach...My dad actually let me drive :p Just a few more years and i really can drive for real, haha

The beaches here in Egypt are amazing.

Most of my summers are spent here :)

Oh! Today is Monday, which means Im featuring a song i love. so I decided to feature...Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

Bri showed me this song while we were both getting into All Time Low...and I fell in love. It's sooo beautiful and bittersweet...very sad actually...but a beautiful story. Bri cried. And I Got inspired and emotional :)

So what have you been doing? anything interesting? Also, I'd love it if you guys recommended some songs for me...I love finding new things to listen to...I can listen to minute It's Fall Out boy, the next, Kate Nash :)


Friday, July 17, 2009

And Birds were singing to calm us down

Well today is a Lovely Friday, for I am going to the beach!!! I will be gone for a while...But i will try my BEST to get the crappy internet working there!

So today is Friday...which means I'll be featuring a music video that i find FANTASTIC :)

Im featuring Laura Marling- My Manic And I

I first found this song on The Unicorn Diaries and I fell in love with the song and Laura Marling. The video is so unique and has some sort of magic to it :)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tea Parties and City Lights!

hello there!!

It has been a while since I posted...but I've been soooo busy!

Well, first thing, I've been spending a GREAT deal of time staring out the car window at night and looking at the BEAUTIFUL city lights here in Cairo, Egypt while listening to Owl City :) I'll need to post Pictures next time I go on a Long drive!

And second thing is, Me and a couple of friends had a tea party together! One of these lovely friends was Rosebud...she wore My Lolita dress while I wore my Brand new checkered dress from H&M :) I'll need to post more on The tea Party later, once i have all the photos Uploaded! {Rosebud & Lenore}

Also, I decided to feature more Music and Videos on my blog! Every Friday I'll feature a Music Video that I think is Fantastic, and each Monday, I'll feature a song that I cant stop listening to! Tomorrow is Friday right? :)

If there is ANYTHING you'd like to see on my blog then please comment!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boston Soundtrack

Lyrics here

I Know It's a sad song...but It was what was always playing while I was in Beautiful Boston.

Sometimes when I hear it, i feel the city lights


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Boston-Day 3

My last day in Beautiful Boston...

I woke Up once again....with the city pouring into my was bittersweet though

So we woke up...and it was the normal routine, we had a simple breakfast and planned to go to The Harvard campus :)

So we caught a bus...and it was the best ride ever. So many people of all sorts were on the bus

so we went down to the campus and I looked around and thought it was amazing....I would love to go there, but I'm going film School...

We walked around that part of the city for a while, and watched all the people, and shops...we then passed by a gift shop and I bought an Obama shirt for my mom, and a little Edgar Allan Poe finger puppet. haha! I love him to death! I also bought a BUNCH of chocolate...

We then caught a cab and made our way back home....time to get ready for the airport.

I walked through the airport with a heavy heart and a certain feeling of hate for my small town...getting on the plane was worse...I watched all the city lights from afar and my eyes watered...goodbye Boston...Goodbye city Lights and cars and people and magic...

I watched the beautiful city become teeny-tiny as I flew away.
The End

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goodmorning sunshine

cute quotes Pictures, Images and Photos

hello!! sorry it's been forever since I've posted...

Well i've been on vacation in Egypt. Surprising I know, but I did grow up here. I'm in Cairo the Largest city in Africa...which means?

City Lights!! so expect loads of posts on that :)

I'll write more about egypt and my life here another time...

Oh, by the way, Sprinkle of the Sprinkle Diary wrote a FANTASTIC post on Betsey Johnson since she is retiring *tear* But I love the post and you will be sure to check it out

Bye Bye Betsey

So I'll leave you with A little gift...

Boston Day Three (FINAL) next post!!