Monday, December 29, 2008


Even in somewhat, boring towns like mine, I can always find a special somewhere. When I went to do the Secret Fairy Wishes, I took my brother along, and on the way home, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I found a lovely surprise! I had never been to the back of our neighborhood, and it waas very, very nice. Especially the mailboxes (You can see my brother standing beside them <3333) I was wearing my lolita dress, and I was twirling in it as I walked, and tried to pretend that I was Alice, and just found Wonderland. I'm on a ski trip now, and I cannot wait to get back so I can take a long walk all by myself. Sometimes, I just love to be alone.

Lately I've been missing people too much. I just moved you see, and although my neighborhood is nice-as you just saw- I really have this beautiful yet slightly painful longing in my heart. Sometimes I look at the moon and think "I wonder if they ever think of me and miss me when they look at the moon...I hope they do." Sometimes I have moments where something funny happens, and I think of them and I wish that they were there. At times like this it's like my hearts is singing a sad yet beautiful song, a ballad. My Heart's Ballad. They say, that when you have dreams about someone that you know, it means that they were thinking of you. Or that their desire to be with you left their body and flew into your dreams. This makes me feel so good. Sometimes, I talk aloud to them, and hope that they hear me, or I simply whisper their name, and hope that they can hear me. Maybe in their dreams, I'm standing beneath the moon, in my lolita dress. And I'm smiling kindly, and saying "I miss you". I hope so. Whenever I have dreams about them, I know that they remember me.

Maybe, after writing all of this, they're having dreams of me right now <333



Anonymous said...

Aww Lenore...
I'm sure everyone you miss, thinks of you ever so fondly.
I love when people visit me in my dreams. It's funny, today one of my favorite musicians ((who passed away a while ago)) visited me today in my dreams, he was playing the guitar, and when he stopped, I asked him 'Please play Moonshadow' and then he gave me a sort of special smile and started playing and singing.
I wonder if he really did visit me, or if it was just my imagination.

With much love,

Lenore said...

I have dreams like that all the time!! I had a few with Orlando bloom...but thats another story...

My mom had a dream about Heath Ledger after he died....strange...


Lenore said...

and i do believe that he really did visit you, its sooo beautiful how he played Moonhadow....

Anonymous said...

Oh. Haha
Turns out he's still alive. =P

Heheehehehe Orlando Bloom. And poor poor Mr. Ledger. What did he tell your mom?

Lenore said...

I forgot what Mr. Ledger said....But Orlando was one of my Mom's clients (she doesnt even have a job!) and he came to my house, and i was like "wh-what are you doing here...???" and he just walked straight into my house (my mom wasnt home) and he went into my room, but before he went in, i tore down my poster of him (i was embarresed) and he left a message for my mom then he left.

the strangest thing is, that when I woke up, My orlando bloom poster wasnt there, it was on the ground, as if i had taken it off....????
haha! well, i'm about to look at the link now.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I've taken so long to get back to your wonderful comment.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment.

Laura Marling's music is so utterly haunting. It is like the soundtrack to fairytales.

I see I have been tagged and it is such a magical tag as well.

I shall fufil the quest! x