Monday, December 29, 2008


Even in somewhat, boring towns like mine, I can always find a special somewhere. When I went to do the Secret Fairy Wishes, I took my brother along, and on the way home, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I found a lovely surprise! I had never been to the back of our neighborhood, and it waas very, very nice. Especially the mailboxes (You can see my brother standing beside them <3333) I was wearing my lolita dress, and I was twirling in it as I walked, and tried to pretend that I was Alice, and just found Wonderland. I'm on a ski trip now, and I cannot wait to get back so I can take a long walk all by myself. Sometimes, I just love to be alone.

Lately I've been missing people too much. I just moved you see, and although my neighborhood is nice-as you just saw- I really have this beautiful yet slightly painful longing in my heart. Sometimes I look at the moon and think "I wonder if they ever think of me and miss me when they look at the moon...I hope they do." Sometimes I have moments where something funny happens, and I think of them and I wish that they were there. At times like this it's like my hearts is singing a sad yet beautiful song, a ballad. My Heart's Ballad. They say, that when you have dreams about someone that you know, it means that they were thinking of you. Or that their desire to be with you left their body and flew into your dreams. This makes me feel so good. Sometimes, I talk aloud to them, and hope that they hear me, or I simply whisper their name, and hope that they can hear me. Maybe in their dreams, I'm standing beneath the moon, in my lolita dress. And I'm smiling kindly, and saying "I miss you". I hope so. Whenever I have dreams about them, I know that they remember me.

Maybe, after writing all of this, they're having dreams of me right now <333


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Roller Coaster

I'm sad that Christmas is over. I'll miss it untill next year. But theres still the New Year. A new beginning!

Thank you sooooo much Sprinkle for the amazing Best Of Blogs Award. I'm really very happy!! You are really awesome!
I'm sending you many hugs and kisses xoxoxo <33333

Lately, I've been having thoughts. Like I'm understanding things better somehow. The type of thoughts that I've heard in books and movies, and I never quite understood. But now that I'm having them myself, I'm like "is this waht it feels like?" And yes, it is. I'm beginning to understand how life works, how people that I love, and miss terribly, are connected to me by the memories that we share, even thought they are inside our hearts, that they are stronger than any material object. How everything happens for a reason. And that God never gives you more than you can handle, which means that when I feel sad, or life is getting hard, I know that the strength is stored inside me. Like a beautiful gift-wrapped box, and I just carefully need to unwrap it and let all the strength out. That even in the darkest darkness, there is always light, even a bit. And if not, I need to use the light that's in my heart instead.

I used to hear that life was like a roller coaster ride. And now i get it. It's fast, and scary, and surprising, but so much fun. And recently I've found that I'm really not afraid of roller coasters anymore. These this growning up? I dont want to grow up. But this is not growing up, its Understanding, it's being human, it's life. Maybe, physically I'll grow up, but never emotionally. I'll always be the messy, curly-haired little girl. And I'll never, ever, ever, ever, want to clean up my room. (unless it gets a bit out of hand and I start getting frustrated because i cannot find a thing)

One of my random little rants. hehe, with all these type of thoughts, I feel like I need to break free. I'm a bit of a drama queen i must admit. haha. I want to run away from my small town, and go to London, or Tokyo. I would have crazy, random , and dangerous adventures. Then maybe I'd fall in love. And then him and I would have even more adventures together. And we'd have a wedding in a magical place. And I would become a famous director, like Tim Burton. And in my huge house, there would be gothic-antique furniture and an old library. And a garden only I knew of. And a giant walk-in closet with nothing but Lolita clothes. Ahhhh.....sooooo much I've dreamed of....

Well, I talk too much. So I'll let all of you lovelies go right now. Take care. And please don't let my thoughts get to you. Whenever I hear this stuff, then I think too much. haha, I never stop thinking!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello! I'm completing the Secret Fairy Wishes challenge. I've already posted the rules, but here they are again:

Make a bunch of secret fairy wishes, hopes, desires, or bits of advice and scatter them somewhere magical...
Take lots of pictures and/or video and post it to your blog, telling us all about your fun.
Tag at LEAST 3 other bloggers.
Go to and comment to tell us you did it! We'll feature you and you could earn a prize!
Put this lovely banner in your sidebar!
**Note: You don't have to be tagged to participate, but you do have to tag others if you participate and you must participate if you're tagged!
These are my wishes

There is this beautiful field by my house, and I thouht it was so magical, that I decided to scatter them there

Here are the scattered wishes

Thank you Sprinkle, for such a wonderful idea. I had so much fun! I hope my wishes will bring magic to others who walk around the field, and that my wishes will come true...
The people I am tagging are:
~peachy_pinklove (even though she's on LJ and not Blogger)
May all your lovely wishes come true!!!!!
ps-the black frills, on the last picture, thats my lovely Lolita Dress <3

Thursday, December 25, 2008


MerryMerryMerry Christmas!! Santa was very kind to me this year...

The Katyusya Headdress that came with my Lolita Dress (I look a bit like a gothic version Of Alice in Wonderland <3)

The complete stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe

The Twilight soundtrack (I was just listening to it...Rob Pattinsons song is amazing, I think I'm in love <3)>

The Harajuku Lovers fragrance (The one on the right smells like Coconuts, and the one on the left smells fruity)

A little Hello Kitty lip gloss set <3>
I many recieved other things as well. I'm so thankful. I must've been a very good girl this year <3
I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas as well!!
ps-I still have my dress on...I love it so much, it's like my own personal fairytail.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

MerryMerry Christmas!!!!!! I hope all of you have lovely Christmases and Santa will be good to you!

I'm Sooooooo excited because my Lolita Dress came in the mail today!!!! I've yet to open it. The package had Japanese writing all over it, and a stamp saying it was from Tokyo. This made me sooooooo excited and I ran into the house jumping, and screaming like a little girl. My first real Lolita Dress...All the way from Japan!

I hope all of you get your Christmas wishes as well!


*runs off to open package*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is my little musical watch. It plays We Wish You A Merry Christmas and it's very beautiful. I try to let it sing me to sleep but I'm unable to keep still. I'm far too reckless and energetic, but I think that somehow thats a good thing, It makes a person more interesting. I'm always ready for adventure or whatever life brings.
The Watch opens up and has a little train in the snow that goes round and round. Sometimes I wish that I could ride away on that train, to Santa's workshop, or to a Secret Somewhere. I have a daydream about a train station in the sky...
I have posted the rules from the Secret Fairy Wishes..but I'm about to do it....hopefully today. Yesterday and unexpected event ocurred. But I cannot wait.
Almost Christmas!!! I must check the dress should be here. Please? I can't wait to wear it! I'll be just like a doll...and I'll curl my hair, and drink tea.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Fairy Wishes

Make a bunch of secret fairy wishes, hopes, desires, or bits of advice and scatter them somewhere magical...
Take lots of pictures and/or video and post it to your blog, telling us all about your fun.
Tag at LEAST 3 other bloggers.
Go to and comment to tell us you did it! We'll feature you and you could earn a prize!
Put this lovely banner in your sidebar!
**Note: You don't have to be tagged to participate, but you do have to tag others if you participate and you must participate if you're tagged!


Hello! I have finally decided which dress to buy...

It should be here any day now. I can't wait to check the mail....
I have been having the loveliest daydreams lately. One is inside the top floor of a very tall building, and the sun is setting into the city. I am at a large table and looking out the window. At the table, there are elegant looking porcelain dols and I am having tea with them. I am wearing a black lolita dress with black and white striped tights, like those out of a tim burton movie. and I am gently pouring tea into each of their cups.
I have more, but i'll tell you those next time.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Which one to choose???

I am about to buy a lolita dress very soon, and I cannot seem to choose!!

They are all a pretty good price, and I like them all! I want to be able to wear it out any day I feel like it....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Candy Violet

some lovely lolita things from Candy Violet!
I especially love the skirt and the hat...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Try to be fearless, because fear can inhibit you and keep you from life

-Miranda Weese

Sunday, November 30, 2008


It was as cloudy as ever all day. I kept myself busy with the computer, Television, Homework, and a nap. The rain stopped, but it swomehow still lingered in the air. When I went outside to fetch the mail, I could smell the rain all around me. Especially in the wet grass and street puddles. It was somehow very nostalgic...

I like to pretend that puddles are very, very deep, and I jump over them. i did this on the way back from the mailbox which was empty. I'm waiting for my magazine to show up...
This book ((A Time Of Angels)) is part of my homework, to read a historical fiction, but at the same time, I am enjoying it very much! It takes place in 1918, during the war. Hannah ((the main character)) has been seeing angels lately, so she draws them. But she truly needs an angel to bring her family together again when the influenza epidemic ravages their community. I love the author Karen Hesse, She makes me feel what the characters are feeling.
" Over the night streets in Boston, angels fly. Angels soar in their shimmering robes. Their eyes shine. their wings stretch tip to tip across the broad avenues."
-A Time Of Angels, page 1.
I believe in angels more than ever now...They're watching over all of us <3

winter Day

Today is truly a winter day.

The sun did not shine when I woke up, and it is not shining now. But I'm hoping that smiles will bring sunlight today. It is raining outside and has been for a while and the street looks like a black river with little houses floating on it. I woke up far too early and have homework to do...I should do it soon because it worries me. Like knots in my stomach. I'm hoping that they'll untie themselves when I finish...
oh, how I want A dress like this one!
It would be nice to wear on a winter day like this with a warm coat. Someday I'll get one...maybe just like it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hello. I am Lenore.

I have been writing a blog lately on this website address~

but I have decided to write here as well <3>

Let me tell you about myself....

I LOVE flowers
I adore lolita dresses
I love large cities where alot happens
I LOVE the work of Edgar Allan Poe <3
I love dollhouses
I love vampires and enjoy talking to them
I adore pirates, and love the sea.
I like black bows and lace

and much, much more...