Friday, May 29, 2009

Boston-day 2

Finally, the long awaited Boston day 2 post!!

Once again, I woke up to the sounds and sights of the city!! With all the buildings and opens skys filled with possibilities!

Today, we went for brunch at this resteraunt...but I cannot seem to remember the name....It was fabulous and very old fashioned in a small little brick building!!

But, while we had to wait to get seated...we stopped by Johnny Cupcakes. I reccomend this shop to anyone who loves cupcakes...well cupcake clothing! The whole shop, was Shirts with cupcakes on them folded up on trays in fake ovens and if they were cupcakes!

The story behind this awesome place, is a college boy named Johnny, who was bored and started making shirts with cupcakes on them. Everyone on campus LOVED them, so he sold them. Later, he started a shop: Johnny Cupcakes. Quite a lovely place

so, after a got a shirt that said "Boston" with icing and sprinkles on it...we went back into the resteraunt to enjoy a fantastic brunch!

After that, we simply walked around the beautiful city...We went on the subway!!! and we went shopping at Urban Outfitters (I love the many things you can fiind there) I bought a lovely dress

After walking around EVEN more...we found some interesting street shows! We then walked through a place with so much food, you could nit imagine.

then finally, we saw the harbour. AMAZING!!! Blue water...and on the other side...more building!! If I did live in Boston...I would walk there with my music each day :)
That night, we saw the Blue Man Group!! Amazing, I cant even begin to explain, just awesome music, comedy and unusual a small little theater you find in the alley ways like the movies!!! I reccomend this show to EVERYONE. Most amazing show you will see...but I'll warn you, dont get dressed up, Its messy ;)

After the Fantastical show...we walked around China Town, which I thought was amazing! Untill we finally found a great chienese place (out of china town though, haha) and we enjoyed it vey much!

On the way home...I cherished the lights and noises of the beautiful city, because I knew, that would be my last night there...

ahhhhh...memories <3


Sunday, May 17, 2009

forgive me

Please do forgive me, I've had the longest past couple of weeks!! My dad took me and my brother to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, then, just this past weekend, I went to my dear Great Grandma's funeral in Rosedale, Indiana. I miss her, but the town was lovely, and I met all these cousins i never knew i had!!

I said, I would make Boston-Day 2 my next post, but I do not have time right now, so instead, I'll make up for it, by posting some pictures from Myrtle Beach!

This one was when i was in a ferris wheel at a carnival by the ocean!