Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lullaby For A Stormy Night

"little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger,
there is no danger
I am here tonight..."

"little child, be not afraid
though thunder explodes and a lightning flash
illuminates your tear-stained face
I am here tonight..."

"...and someday you'll know
that nature is so...
the same rain that draws you near me
falls on rivers and land, on forests and sand
makes the beautiful world that you'll see
in the morning..."

"for you know, once even I was a little child,
and I was afraid
but a gentle someone always came
to dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears
and to give a kiss goodnight...

well now I am grown
and these years have shown that rain's a part of how life goes
but it's dark and it's late so I'll hold you and wait
til your frightened eyes do close..."

"In the morning...everythings fine in the morning..."

(Lyrics from: Vienna Teng-
Lullaby For A Stormy Night)


Monday, September 28, 2009

Ten Million Fireflies

I had a dream that My mom was letting me fly out to Canada all alone to see a super special exclusive Fall Out Boy concert...I was wearing the most colorful outfit ever...I think it was something like a bit of a puffy skirt with a rainbow striped shirt and my Fall Out Boy shirt I got from the last concert on top of it.

Pete Wentz (the cool bassist :D ) was on my plane somehow...and he kept smiling and staring at me...then I talked to him very casually...

That was simply a small part of my dream...lots more happened but If I told it all, It would possibly take up a very very long post...

So, Yesterday after returning from a fabulous weekend with Bri...I realized that I am quite sick...

Today was supposed to be holiday from school...but of course the ONE time I get sick it has to be on a day off...just my luck, huh?

But since I will be home pn this beautiful Monday, what can I do for fun? Well Of course...drink my tea and listen to music!

so what music has been keeping me alive lately?

WATCH THIS WHOLE VIDEO AND FOCUS ON THE AMAZING LYRICS! seriously...It's soooo beautiful. Owl City is very unique and fantastic...I just recently bought his newest album, Ocean Eyes, from Target...go get one. It includes this song and many others.

If you like him, check out his songs: Vanilla Twilight, Fuzzy Blue Lights, Meteor Shower, and Rainbow Veins :) I linked each of them to a youtube video of the song!

So, I want you all to tell me what dreams You've been having lately and What music You've been into! Always suggest new music to me so I can feature it! And you know I love finding new artists! :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yes, I have Returned...

I'M BACK! yes, here I am darlings!

My absence was due to the horrible nightmare known as School...and many other things :p but now that I've settled in and its not really so nightmarish anymore, I'm glad to be back :D

So, with a new school year, comes a new schedule...and mine is very interesting indeed!

1. Language Arts
2. Advanced Drama
3. Math
4. Science
5. French
6. Once Apon A Time*
7. Social Staudies
8. Tech Theater II

*once apon a time is a class ALL about fairytales, and different authors and versions of fairytales :) Amazing, right?

No cute guys this year...but some very interesting people. 8th frade is many labels, so much peer preessure, so many people doing things that make me look way too innocent. It's scary for sure.

But I suppose this is what 8th grade is all about...hook-ups, break-ups, friends, pressure, one of those cheesy teen drama shows! But without those things we wouldn't have the smiles I'm glad :)

Also, for the new school year...I've been adding stuff to my room...lots of stuff! My bulliten board is so full now! Remember when I first posted about it? It barely had anything on it! Now, I can't find any room to put new pictures on :D Oh, and now my walls have loads of new posters on them!

and now since I must leave you...I have some homework to do...I'll leave you with a little gift:

NeverShoutNever is an unsigned artist who is simply AMAZING! His music has a very sweet feel to it and he's all about living free and being happy :) This video can turn any bad day into the best day ever!'re only as tall as your heart will let you be, and only as small as the world will make you seem...make everyday count darlings!!!

so, tell me how this new school year has been going for you!

(by the way, be sure to keep up with me on twitter!!