Friday, March 5, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello, It's been a while!

The past month of february has been a joyful one indeed....well, because of course it is the month I was born in ;)

haha, So I suppose I shall tell you how my birthday (feb. 8th) went?

FABULOUS is the one word I can think of! I had some close friends over and we saw movies, played with pink and blue balloons, ate cake, took photos, and ate chienese! fabulous indeed.

And yes, we bought spngebob masks from Party City ;)

BUT, that was only the weekend BEFORE my birthday.....the actual day was a monday. And my amazing Mommy ordered me a cake with my favorite thing on it...can you guess?

PIRATES! I got a pirate cake <3

I also got a new ipod......and last but not least......although this one came late from my grandparents.......It was fantastic....

The Art Of Tim Burton. I have been wanting that book for AGES! And it is gorgeous! To check out some of the art in the book go here:

speaking of Tim is the day. What day you might ask? well, simply the day I've been waiting a year and a half for.....simply THEE best day ever.....

The opening day for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland!!!

*happy dance* FINALLY! Me and my dear friend Bri will be seeing it together today. I will have to do a full blog post on it soon!!!

Now darlings, I must go eat dinner and such before Bri comes here to pick me up for this fabulous event, only a couple of hours before I'll be seeing the most amazing movie EVER!

(I've been using the word fabulous alot today...hmm)

Oh by the way....the soundtrack for this movie is fabulous (there I go again) it has all my faves:

Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus
Owl City
Tokio Hotel
The All American Rejects
Metro Station
All Time Low

AND a bunch more.......and all the songs are pretty cool so far...

what are you MOST excited about for the movie? And the soundtrack??

well, see ya soon! peace and Love <3