Friday, July 24, 2009

People Who Inspire

Well, I am very sorry people...Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland trailer will not Show anymore, they took it off the internet :(

But, sometime before the movie comes out, I will show you the outfit I'm wearing to see the movie!! Polyvore is amazing, right?
Well, I have been NEEDING to do a post on a few people who inspire me when it comes to style :) These people are:

Lady Gaga

Gotta love that bow ;) She also talked about How difficult it was to become famous and how hard she worked just to get her songs played...look how big she is now!

Katy Perry
LOVE her 40's pin-up girl style!! also, obsessed with her song Waking Up In Vegas

Kate Nash

My favorite by far...I love all her dresses (never saw her wearing pants, right?) and all the sweet prints on them, love her hair, and i LOVE her music :) :) by the way, she has a new album coming out later this year! Can't wait!

And, today is Friday, which means I will post a music video i LOVE
such a pretty and sweet video! so inspiring and real...and Chicago is beautiful...
well, now that I have talked about people that inspire me, who inspires you?


Sprinkle M. said...

Ohhhh my goodness, Lenore. You know how to get me. Holy cow. Ahhh! CHICAGOOOOOOOO. This was like a birthday present for me, honestly, wow. I love it!!!!

& I totally love all your style icons! I adore them as well.
Bisous! Kisses!
xo Sprinkle

kirstyb said...

I love lady gaga and katy perry they both have great music and are slightly mental xoxoxo

Rochelle Blue said...

I love your fashion icons... all of them dress like how I want to dress, especially Kate Nash =)

I'm also already trying to find the most perfect outfit to wear to the premier! I can't wait!

and I'm fine thank you, how are you?


patricia said...

I like Kate Nash. something about her is just so... nice but not nice?

Micaela said...


Love this post on inspiration! who inspires me? well...old film celebrities like audrey hepburn, old films, vintage stuff, blogs, and photography. there's a lot more, just can't think of it now.


Micaela said...


Glad to see you got your sidebar fixed (or whatever was wrong). Read the conversation between you and Daydream Lily on Twitter. Haha...I'm such a stalker ;)

I've been doing well, in case you didn't know, I'm also guest blogging on the English Muse, so you can check that out. Things are really good, I hope it stays this way.


Lonely Heart said...

Glad I saw the trailer when I did.

Now if only I had the money to go out and spend on fixiong my wardrobe to look like theirs. I always wanted to do a 19040s/50s style. You know, kinda go all period with my clothing. Maybe that'll happen one day.

My problem is I can't expect guys to be everything I want them to be. I have to realize that a;; the guys on TV and in movies or in books don't always exist in real life.

But I'm also looking for a feeling: A feeling I haven't had for a long time. But there's nothing, so I'm never really sure.

The guy your friend found sounds like a dream come true. Some people get lucky like that. I would have to agree that either situation in scary. I'll have to admit I'm almost happy to just be crushing on a guy and remaining alone. I think I'm happier with my idea of a guy then being with him. Does that make sense?

Oh bother. Confusing ramble.

A little Princess said...

Your choice of inspiration is perfect because these girls are such pioneers of style in a very generic music wolrd! xoxo