Saturday, July 4, 2009

Boston-Day 3

My last day in Beautiful Boston...

I woke Up once again....with the city pouring into my was bittersweet though

So we woke up...and it was the normal routine, we had a simple breakfast and planned to go to The Harvard campus :)

So we caught a bus...and it was the best ride ever. So many people of all sorts were on the bus

so we went down to the campus and I looked around and thought it was amazing....I would love to go there, but I'm going film School...

We walked around that part of the city for a while, and watched all the people, and shops...we then passed by a gift shop and I bought an Obama shirt for my mom, and a little Edgar Allan Poe finger puppet. haha! I love him to death! I also bought a BUNCH of chocolate...

We then caught a cab and made our way back home....time to get ready for the airport.

I walked through the airport with a heavy heart and a certain feeling of hate for my small town...getting on the plane was worse...I watched all the city lights from afar and my eyes watered...goodbye Boston...Goodbye city Lights and cars and people and magic...

I watched the beautiful city become teeny-tiny as I flew away.
The End


Sprinkle M. said...

:( This is beautiful.
I know *exactly* how you feel, cutie. It feels like you become plunged into your wildest dreams, like suddenly that cafe you've always wanted to have coffee in is right down the street, the taxis you've always pictured yourself in are buzzing all around your head... You become completely emersed in your dreams, your future, when suddenly, you have to board that plane... And you take off. And you're happy to be home, but... You're not. Your heart is breaking. You've fallen in love, then pulled away. :(

I think about Chicago allll the time. Its like its a part of me, and every time I see videos or pictures of big cities, or hear a song that inspires me, or see city lights... I just get lost in a dream. I love it.
xxxo Sprinkle

Lonely Heart said...

That must have been so hard to leave it all behind. But I'm happy you got enjoy the city lights and magic for the short time you did. Boston is only a taste --a glimpse-of the beginning. You'll make it around the world, going from city light to city light. You can check off Boston and Cairo off your list = ]

Thank you = ]

Ever heard the song Love Today by Mika? It's one of the songs that remind me of my happiest moments. It was that song that carried me through the darkest times during my sophomore year. But even that song couldn't withstand being broken.

Wow that's a little sudden. Soon to be married? That is incredibly gutsy of him especially since the divorce isn't finalized. I can understand why you hate him. I know I would if I were in your shoes.

You're right: Life goes on for better or for worse.

I'll try to get on as often as I can. The last couple times I've been on, you haven't been on.

Rochelle Blue said...

I'm so sorry you had to leave the city behind... it must have been very hard =(
When I had to go home from my visit in South Africa, I felt the same as you. I had to say good bye to the very place I wanted to be, and it was heart breaking...
but I'm happy you had such a lovely time there and I hope one day you will be able to go back to Boston and experience all the city's magic again =]


Micaela said...

wow, glad to see that you enjoyed boston. i've only been there once a while ago, so i just vaguely remember it.
and i feel the same exact way whenever i leave a place i really like...everyone else is checking their blackberries and iPhones or sleeping or listening to their iPod on the plane and I'm about to burst into tears. so yeah, i can totally relate.