Thursday, July 23, 2009

Geeking Out Right Now!!!


Oh em gee...I seriously almost fainted just now from excitement!!!

I was about to do a post on People wo inspire, in style and such...but after the little spaz attack I just had...ahhhh!!!! was roaming around the exciting land: Twitter :) and I found that Tim Burton's Alice, was in the trending topics...Now, being a total Tim Burton worshiper (yes, he is my idol) and loving Alice in Wonderland, naturally I clicked on it...and found something that made my YEAR!

HFDTRHJ;GOUW!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! I can easily see this becoming my most favorite Movie of all time!

And Isn't Johnny Depp just fantastic? I mean

Ok...Im so very sorry for completely freaking out there...but Im soooo excited for this! I'm sooo very anxious for 2010...

By The way...Big shout-out to Sprinkle! Happy Birthday Dear!! Hope you have a fabulous year and loads more to come :) xxx

and I'm sorry for being late on The tea party post...some of the pictures are on my friends phone and when I see her I'll upload them :)

oh by the way, what are your thoughts on Tim Burton's Alice? Excited? I know I am :)



Maria ♥ said...

YES, I am loving every single inch of this! I am already planning an outfit for the premiere. Geeky indeed.

beckylou said...

Oh my I can't wait :D
thank you for sharing this trailer!

Lonely Heart said...
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Lonely Heart said...

I'm in love with Tim Burton movies! It's funny because just last week I was spazing out over the same thing. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland! I love that movie, and there's something about the way Tim Burton makes his movies that grabs me. They're always dark.

So so so excited for this movie. I want to go see the midnight premiere.

Sprinkle M. said...

OHMYGOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I THINK HE RELEASED IT SPECIAL FOR MY BIRTHDAY CUZ THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT EVER. I've been STALKING the production of this movie for over a year, and FINALLY they release the official trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GEEKING OUT SO BAD!!!!! {haha i did the same thing yesterday when I found Star Wars & The Office tshirts at Kohl's for ten bucks... GEEEEEK!}

Thank you for your birthday shout out and kindness! I've already gotten three emails, one ecard, a few texts, & BABY BLUE CONVERSE & a CD by The Weepies, a bow headband, & a BEATLES TSHIRT from my mommy! :D
xoxo Sprinkle

Rochelle Blue said...

OMG I am sooo excited! I cannot wait for the movie to come out! AHHHHH! Tim Burton is awesome!!
I am so going to see a midnight premier!
thank you so much for sharing the trailer with us!!!