Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crashing Waves and Purple Nail Polish

Hello! I got back from the beach today...and it was fantastic!

I stayed at two different Beaches In Alexandria. Cleopatra lived there! At the first beach, I stayed with some family from my Dad's side, including all my cousins, and we had a blast!

The second one, is one i went to since I was about 2...we stayed for a few weeks, then the past two days one of my best friends stayed with me! We swam, and of course, stayed on the internet.

We came home today, and I feel a Bit sick :( I woke up very nauseaus and felt that way now and then through-out the day. But I'm very glad to be home In my apartment in Cairo with my beautiful city lights :)

By the way, I have been obsessed with a few things lately...

In music, I have been obsessing over Laura Marling (Of course!!) And Carter Hulsey! Now, if you read my blog you MUST know laura marling, In fact the song playing right now on my playlist (The first one, Ghosts) is by her :) My amazing mommy, ordered me a whole bunch of albums off Amazon, and one of them is her debut album: Alas I Cannot Swim :)

And Carter Hulsey is just so fantastic...I love his songs Mariana and Dumbo with a passion.

Now, when it comes to style, I'm very much obsessing over Purple nail polish and HUGE sunglasses :)

Usually in summer,when I'm always barefoot and at the pool or beach, I love to have a pedicure, and I ALWAYS have a manicure. And I love a dark, shiny, fun shade of purple

And who doesn't love huge sunglasses? Even though they are far too huge for my face :)

Oh! Big thanks to Sprinkle for helping me out with the new layout and style of my blog! She is just born for this stuff :) wuv you!

Music Video for friday!

Although most of you must have already seen it, I love this video! So much fun, amazing song, and it just makes me want to make me wake up in vegas :)

See ya later sweethearts!



Maria ♥ said...

Love the new layout, especially the gorgeous brocade background. And YES, huge sunglasses are instant win.

Bethany said...

Howdy! Thanks for following my blog!

CannotWhistleStillFeelTheMusic said...

Ahhhh, i LOVE that video, and those sunglasses ;) lol, u kno why haha

Lonely Heart said...

Love the sunglasses! Why can I never find any like that? =/ Ok, the water is absolutely amazing looking. It almost makes me wish I wasn't so afraid of water haha.

Rochelle Blue said...

oh the beach looks wonderful! I would give anything to go swimming in that water... =)
your new background is divine and I also love huge sunglasses! I have a Betsey Johnson pair (which I found at a discount store for a glorious price) and I wear them everytime I go out!

and thank you, I'm feeling a ton better than I had been feeling over the weekend. lol, my mum would have reacted the same way! thank goodness you didn't pass out though. =)


*jemima* said...

hello dear :)

how are you pet? walks are the best form of exercise, plus it's free! to walk by sunset is very poetic.

glad to see you're still listening to laura marling. that album is one of my favourites.

take care


Adela said...

love the oversize sunnies and purple polish!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

hey there lenore :)

i am in major need of purple nailpolish now ^_^

anyways, yea, i was supposed to see owl city at the bamboozle, but didnt get tickets in time so i missed out. where will he be in september?

and no, i haven't listened to his latest album yet. i have been a bit out on the music scene (i need to update my playlist...but i don't want to because i like it the way it already is)

but i will be sure to check it out soon and tell u how it is.

i am fine lenore, how are you doing?

Bethany said...

I've been reading your past blog posts and enjoying it, lovely blog!

Ann said...

I love that song by Katy Perry haha, & I love your sunglasses!

Sara said...

OMG...Egypt = home!!

emfry said...

hi there! i found you through sprinkle's interview & i just wanted to let you know i have bookmarked your site for future reading :)
i love that katie perry song too. if you want to check out my blog ever please feel free...i just started it and am looking for new blogging friends <333

anywhere I lay my head said...

Love the new layout! It's wonderful! Especially love pattern in the background ^^ And your sunglasses are wonderful too!

LilBirdGem said...

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thanks LilBirdGem