Friday, July 17, 2009

And Birds were singing to calm us down

Well today is a Lovely Friday, for I am going to the beach!!! I will be gone for a while...But i will try my BEST to get the crappy internet working there!

So today is Friday...which means I'll be featuring a music video that i find FANTASTIC :)

Im featuring Laura Marling- My Manic And I

I first found this song on The Unicorn Diaries and I fell in love with the song and Laura Marling. The video is so unique and has some sort of magic to it :)



Anonymous said...

Love this song...heard it before, but not in a while. Thanks for sharing and have fun at the beach!

Lonely Heart said...

Have fun at the beach. I have yet to get to one this summer.

I love her voice: She is so unique. Great song choice!

Sprinkle M. said...

Hello little pumpkiny pie. :)
I adore how you've been featuring music videos you love--especially since I love your taste in music!
& so sorry I didn't comment on your last post, I was out of town. Your tea party looks fantastic! Please share more photos soon, & some of Egypt of course, too!
I'm listening to the Ditty Bops album & reading an awesome book. You? We must aim soon!
xoxo Sprinkle