Monday, July 20, 2009

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes

Hello!! How is everyone? I have been having a lovely time at the beach...My dad actually let me drive :p Just a few more years and i really can drive for real, haha

The beaches here in Egypt are amazing.

Most of my summers are spent here :)

Oh! Today is Monday, which means Im featuring a song i love. so I decided to feature...Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

Bri showed me this song while we were both getting into All Time Low...and I fell in love. It's sooo beautiful and bittersweet...very sad actually...but a beautiful story. Bri cried. And I Got inspired and emotional :)

So what have you been doing? anything interesting? Also, I'd love it if you guys recommended some songs for me...I love finding new things to listen to...I can listen to minute It's Fall Out boy, the next, Kate Nash :)



Sprinkle M. said...

That photo is so peaceful looking! Aw! You'll have to take me someday ;)
My life is goooood, getting ready to go to Chiclet's house & eat mozzerella sticks, watch Mean Girls & Baby Mama, & paint! :D

Hmmm, music. Lets see. Have you tried Pandora Radio? you make your own account, insert songs and artists who you like, & it plays music that it knows you'll like! It just plays nonstop, like a radio of ALL YOUR FAVORITE SONGS, plus new ones you can discover. I've found sooo many amazing artists through it. If you don't like a song, you can give it a thumbs down and it never plays again. If you LOVE it, give it a thumbs up, or just leave it alone. :) You can also download it to your computer sidebar if you have Vista & there are iPod Touch and iPhone apps for it... Sorry for the commercial there, haha, but i LOVE IT SO MUCH, i'm addicted!
xoxo Sprinkle

Micaela said...

Wow, love that photo.

Hmm...what have I been up to? Not much...blogging has taken over my life (tee hee), I went to the craft fair (as you know) and today, I'm just enjoying the beautiful weather.

And whoa, you can't drive yet? How old are you? Sorry if I sound like a little stalker, I'm not, but I just envisioned you to be older.


Lonely Heart said...

I want to be on that beach right now. It looks so beautiful and serene. I would kill just to bury my feet in the sand or make a sand castle (for some reason I've really wanted to make one recently).

That song made me want to cry too. And I'd say we have very similar tastes in music. I have to feeling I'm going to like every song you post. Definitely can't wait for more = ]