Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Please, Let it snow harder.
Turn my town into a snowglobe. Please...



Lonely Heart said...

Omg snow...very pretty but sometimes it can be a pain. I think I got enough snow over Christmas to last me until next year = p

Sprinkle said...

Ooh I love snow. I did, indeed see your lovely comment. I loved it. I don't know that I have time to start another blog right now sweets, but I do have another idea... What if we wrote letters back and forth to each other as imaginary people, writing on different papers in lovely inks and telling tales of our city adventures... Then once a week we could publish them on a blog? So there would be no hassle, just a lovely weekly letter scan... Does this make sense?

Oh I love your "him", he sounds quite lovely. My him is adorable and super nice and shares a lot of my interests. He's super funny too. Whoooo knows... ;]

I have 19 dollars in the chicago jar! WHooo! I hope to make a LOT of stuff this weekend, school has gotten the best of me. I think I may start listing vintage clothes too... And the zine is in process, grrr. Its costing more than I thought to print it... But if I raise the price not many will buy it, as of the economy. I'm thinking about making it online, but you can't charge for an online zine, or can you?

Anonymous said...

Well . . . wouldn't it be? :D