Friday, February 27, 2009

My Huckleberry Friend

Moon River has been my friend for a long time. Ever since I first saw him...But I never realized it.

We never notice him, no one does. That is, when we are younger. We all feel like we were ignorant and stupid when we were young, but we were not. we just couldn't see as well as we can now.

I never noticed his nostalgic presence...his dreamy presence. he is my little piece of the world that is away from the world. And now that I can't see him, I miss him so, so much. But I'll find him. I'll cross him in style some day.

He is My old dream maker, and Heart breaker. Moon River, and me.



Heidi said...

We linked you too. =D

Anonymous said...

Your Huckleberry friend...
You'll meet one day. I promise.

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely little post here. your blog is really sweet. care to trade links, dear?

Lonely Heart said...

I feel very stupid for asking cause I feel like I should know this, but who are you talking about? Very nice blog post though = ]

anywhere I lay my head said...

Very lovely written, but who is it about?