Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Birthday Ever

Well, first, yesterday, i managed to find one of my gifts, a "Kiki's Delivery Service" DVD. It was one of my most favorite movies as a 6 yr. old ((or was it 5?)) So it was rather nice and nostalgic. I can really understand it now, because its all about the things we go through in life, and its also a very cute, and beautifully animated movie.
second: I woke up quite early, expecting not an Amazing birthday, just some CDs, a book, maybe another DVD, then I would go to a movie with some of my friends. I was wrong. My first gift, A Fall Out Boy CD ((I love that band)), from my brother. Then, Breaking Dawn ((the fourth twilight book)), from my mom. And then there was another thing from my mom. i opened it, and it was a white box i could decorate myself, and inside, there was a little Hello Kitty hot-spicy-candy container ((the candy is lovely)) and an envolope. I opened it, and there were two papers inside. My mom said to read the letter first. So i did, and it talked about how i want independence and how she thought that now, I deserved it. ((At this point, I'm thinking she got me a credit card)) When I looked at the other papers, they were all, Bussiness stuff, all grown up words i could not understand.....i asked what it is, and she said
"You're going to Boston"
I almost fainted. I'm going to Boston ((BIG city)) on my own, for three days next weekend, and I'm staying with my Mom's friend. I' so excited, in fact...There's only about 5 more days...This is a dream come true.
But there was more...A while later, My mom asked me to get the door, but i was on the phone. So when i finally got off, I'm wondering "Why must I answer the door??!"
I open it, and standing there is one of my best friends, who lives two hours away. Was this really happening?? So we had a great day together, we took a walk, then went Go-Carting, then ate Chienese for luch. The we had my Birthday cake ((Which was soooo lovely and Nostalgic, because my mom made it just the way she did when I was younger)) then he went home.
He happened to move to the same place I was moving ((He was One of the many people we knew from there)) He came to live where we used to live a couple of yrs ago, then he moved back home, and i moved one or two weeks after. But like i said, he lives Two hrs. away. But it was awesome to think that, One year ago today, i was celebrating with him and all my friends i miss soooooo much. So him being here, is like a small part of that here today.
After that, i went to the movies and saw "Push" with some friends. I just got back a little while ago...and it was amazing! This was truly, the best birthday ever!!
I cannot believe it was real.


Lonely Heart said...

That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful day. When are you going to Boston?

Lenore said...

yes, i had an amazing day!! im going on friday, my flights at six.

and, im sorry i couldnt comment on ur blog, everytime i try to go to it, it says that its private and im not invited to read it

im hoping that ur reading this...


Rochelle Blue said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wow... your day sounded absolutely amazing! I'm really happy that you had a stunning birthday, and that now you will be able to cherish the day forever...! =)
(and lolz... today is also one of my best friend's birthdays... it seems like February 8th is a popular day, isn't it? ;P)
oh and your blog is really stunning...!!!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

awww happy bday darling :)
so happy that you had such a wonderful time <3

so, what are you planning to do in boston?

anywhere I lay my head said...

Seems like you had a very awesome birthday party! The cake look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lenore,

Happy Birthday!

I am glad your day was beautiful and filled with Fall Out Boy (love Pete Wentz) and such lovely things.

Enjoy Boston :)


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thank you darling!

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Why is he a genius?

Sprinkle said...

Happy Birthday, sweets...

And about the Lemon Drop Dress--Ahem, you would look fabulous in it. ;] You should totally buy it! Haha, jk. Unless you want to of course, in which case I have no objections...

Working on the zine this week and painting a cupcake skirt! WHOO!