Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars, Blog Awards, Music and Movies!!

well, i haven't posted in a while...

Alot has been happening. I got back from boston last week. As soon as I upload the photos, i will start a series on this blog and call it "Boston" ((yes, very simple)). I cannot wait!!

Did you see the Oscars??? Oh, it was soooo amazing!! I was soooo happy to see Heath Ledger get best supporting roll...If only he was with us sad!

Someday, I'll be there. I'll get in the department of best supporting Actress, Lead actress, or Director. I will...I will.

Seeing all those people get soooo emptional while accepting there Oscar, inspired me. I can do anything.

Also...Jemima has given me a LOVELY award!! Thank You darling...

The rules are...1. Link the blog who gave you this award. 2. Give the award to seven other bloggers and link them. 3. Tell them that you have given them an award.

Now I must pass this on to 7 other lovely bloggers...So....

1. Sprinkle (A lovely girl who has giant city dreams just like me! Also, a super blog! It makes me warm inside)

2. Lonely Heart ( Very deep thought that gets us all thinking. I'm always excited for a new post)

3. sammi-lise (Her blog truly is a fairy tale unlike any other. simply amazing. i also adore the music!!!)

4. ChipotleChick (Very, Very entertaining. I always enjoy reading her blog. You know...She reminds me of this friend i have...but thats another story. Anyway, great blog)

5. Peachy-Pinklove (Yes, I know she's not on blogspot, but she still has a great blog. She calls her thoughts tiny, But they're big. The beautiful thoughts of a true dreamer)

6. DeeLoli (quite the Lolita!!! a very pretty blog with great music!! All my faves- Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X...Please, please post more!!)

7.Chromaphilick (A very interesting blog...BEAUTIFUL pictures. awesome.)

There you go! You all desrve it darlings!!!!!

now...just a few random things I feel like stating.

Music lately: Moon River (I cannot stop playing it on my keyboard and singing it!)

Clothes lately: My Abby Dawn rock and roll jeans (LUV EM!)

Schoolwork lately: well, projects about Ancient Egypt, and i need to start a biography on Edgar Allen Poe.

My Movies lately: Well, i'm going to try to make my first animation!! *happy music plays* but, I just finished this cool mucic video using clips from my favorite Video Game (Kingdom Hearts) and this cool song by my favorite japanese singer, Utada Hikaru! ((Random Dierector moment))

well, thats all for now.

Never forget- Live, Laugh, Love ((The Three Ls)) hehe



sammi-lise ^_^ said...

awww...thank you :)

Lonely Heart said...

Lenore! I'm SO incredibly thankful for your advice. And thank you for the award: It means a lot = ].

You're right. Things shouldn't change that much just because he's been inspired to be a better person. I should have been there to support him, and I wasn't.

I sent him a msg telling him to call me when it's convenient. I thought I should apologize over the phone instead of through a msg. If it were possible, I would do it in person, but that's impossible unfortunately.

I guess we'll see if he'll ever end up calling me.

Rob Velella said...

If you like Poe, you should check out my Poe-dedicated blog.

Lonely Heart said...

You just stole the words out of my mouth. Like wow...that's exactly what I do. I give advice: I'm a listener. Do I ever follow my own advice? No. I can't, yet I need to.

I'm always wondering if I'm ok. Always. Cause I know I'm never really ok no matter how much I fake it.

Like right now, I realize something's wrong, and I need to deal with it. But then suddenly I'm "fine" and I ignore the feeling. I don't do anything about it, which makes things worse.

You're right. We can't run, and I've been trying to run away for so long. At some point I'm going to have to stop.

...I've heard nothing. Absolutely nothing. He hasn't tried to contact me in anyway. He hasn't read my msg. I'm really scared he's just moved on from all of this. I'm really scared he just doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Anonymous said...


You deserve the award :)

I hope you enjoyed Boston. I do wuish someone would give me tickets to Boston for my birthday :)

I still have to do your Fairy Quest. I have pictures ecetera, it's uploading them that's the problem because the USB port on my slowly dying laptop is broken and the university computers forbid things like that because they are mean. :(

You asked where I got the pictures from on my blog. They are from one of my favourite illustrators, Lisa Woods blog which can be found here:

I think all her pictures, including the ones I have used on my blog are up there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lenore...
Oh OH Lenore!!

I was expecting you to forget about my little blog, because I forget it myself sometimes in all the dramas ((you know, I've told you the story))

Oh but Lenore, thank you. So so much =D

I DID make the Secret Fairy Wishes cards I love them. I will do the tag, I swear it.
GUESS WHAT??!! I got a gold in the Science Fair!!! =P =D Didn't I tell you I am a little geek? heehee

Oh I love Moon River, it is too scary. how we're so alike.

Good bye =)

Lonely Heart said...

Lenore, I really think he's moved on with life and has decided to keep me out of it.

Lonely Heart said...

"Sorry, I've been really busy."
Good excuse...I think not. But I'm willing to work with it.

Well he finally called after a week of not talking to me at all whatsoever. It was awkward to say the least. I immediately apologized for how I was acting: For not being supportive. And told him I was happy for him.

I didn't really get a reaction out of him. It was a kinda "Oh..." He started talking about what he's been up to. He gave his testimony tonight, started a Bible study at his school, and just working on devoting his life to Christ.

He asked me what I was up to, and I said that I've been struggling right now. He didn't even bother to ask why. I get that he's excited about sharing his testimony, and that's probably why that's all he talked about.

It was different; There were so many pauses in conversation. I just didn't know what to say to him.

I really am considering send him a msg detailing what I'm going through, and how much he means to me. That I can't see my life without him now. I want him to be that constant: The friend I know is always there. I'm afraid that his new found devotion is going to get in the way a bit. That's going to be his focus now. I know I don't sound happy for him, but I really am.

He's always told me that he would literally cry if I ever stopped talking to him or if we stopped being friends, yet it seemed like he was really ok with not talking to me.

If I do tell him exactly what's going through my head right now, is that going to make things better? I don't know...

I leave it at that for now. I think this comment is long enough as it is haha. Thank you for listening.

yoooo. said...

yes, i always get emotional too when they go up and are so happy and thankful. embarassingly enough.

mai said...

thank you so much :D
are we allowed to give it back? if so, you deserve it :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lenore,

Her art is lovely isn't it?

I just saved the pictures I wanted to use on this blog onto my computer before using the Blogger bit to upload them onto the blog before moving them about and such until I was happy with the outlay.

and you're right, they are rather fairy taleish!