Friday, February 6, 2009

the post without a name...

Well, I really do not know what to call this post...

Anyway, my birthday is on Sunday. Usually I am VERY excited, but for some reason, I'm anxious...why?? It doesn't make any sense...Could I be turning into a Bella??


well, anyway...It did not snow that hard after all. I love snow, it is simply magical! It did snow here recently, just a few weeks ago...I was going to write a whole post on that with pictures...but I was far too lazy to upload the photos...I will though...sometime I guess...

I have been chatting with "him" lately. I miss him sooo much. I dont think he thinks of me at all, because I've stopped having dreams about him. Boys are really clueless...haha

Ohhh...My dreams for the city have not yet left. my dad might have to go to a convention in Chicago, so I might go with him. Either that, or My mother might take me to New York...I'm not sure. My mom wants to visist some friends, so who knows? I Just want to get out of here, and run away...

Oh yes...A random fact about me:

Did you know, that at school I am basically thought of as the "Almost-Punk-Emo-Girl"

((I hate labels)) even though I'm soooo bubbly? Well, I seem to like the color black lately, and I'm quite into lots of wristbands and *Drumroll* Hot Topic!! ((One of my fave shops, along with the Hello Kitty shop..hehe)) I was putting on one of those punk-rocker wrist-bands, and my friend said "Wooahhh...Don't you think thats sorta emo?"

so what?

It's my style and I like it. Its not like I'm trying to make a statement, or something. I just like wristbands and Converse. And sometimes, I like elegant, girly-goth stuff ((Lolita, hehe))

The best word to describe me: Quite Strange

ummm...well, thats two...

Oh, yes. Today, The amazing ChipotleChick has written something quite nice about me on her blog. It really made my day. Thank You. I can honestly say that her blog is awesome. So read it. Seriously, read it, I love it.

Well, I suppose I just posted for the fun of it. As well as to thank ChipotleChick ((Thanks Again))

I wish you all a great night ((or day, if you're reading this during the day))
((Oh, and about the angel/anime picture...I just like it alot, and I didnt know what else to post hehe))



Anonymous said...

*whispers happy birthday*

*wise Chinese yogi voice*
Miss Lenore, you have a long journey ahead of you.
You must meditate! ...and take me with you.

Lol I'm a cool nerd at school. The one who studies but has a life too! =P

But you forgot to mention that sometimes you like to combine your elegant side with your punk side. *nods* that's the nicest part. Because you can be anything you want to be.
xxx ((times infinity and beyond))