Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cross Your Fingers, Hold Your Toes...

...We're all gonna die when the building blows ((My favorite song at the moment))

well, I had quite a delightful day today. It consisted of watching A Little Princess. ((Lovely movie...made me cry and made me truly belive we are all princesses))

Then, taking a wild walk in the rain. Just for the fun of it. My boots are ruined, but I don't care!

Then, reading Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. It somwhow reminds me of my strange dreams. Confusing, yet curious and beautiful.

Then, listening to Laura Marling while I worked on "My Favorite Things" scrapbook. I try to put as much love and imagination as I can into it.

Now, I'll probably stay up very late and watch Kiki's Delivery Service.

I feel like I was once again reborn into a little girl, and I love it!



days and days said...

thank you so much for following my blog, i love your blog too. it's so full of beauty! xox

Pixie July said...

A Little Princess, Alice in Wonderland, Moon River, Edgar Allan Poe, Laura Marling... this is such a treasure trove of lovely things! I adore it. And yes, I still cry hysterically at A Little Princess! One of the few cases of the movie surpassing the book... that horrible ending! xx

Rochelle Blue said...

sounds like you had a lovely day... it's always nice to act like a young girl again and not have to worry about anything...! A Little Princess is a fantastic movie! have you ever read the book? and I absolutely adore Kiki's Delivery Service... Hayao Miyazaki is an absolute genius!
oh and yup, Cascada is the best! I listen to her music quite a lot when I write... =)

Lonely Heart said...

I love walking in the rain: There's just something about it...I dunno I can't really explain the feeling.

I remember one night I was babysitting some kids, and we were watching A Little Princess. I wanted to cry so bad for some reason, but I couldn't because the kids were there haha.

Alice In Wonderland! I haven't read that since I was in third grade (yes, they made me read that in thrid grade).

I've been meaning to tell you that I love your music!

Lonely Heart said...

It was the part where she's trying to convince her father that got to me too. It was heart breaking.

Lol! Oh Pete Wentz = p. It must have been hard to wake up from that dream. It's cool you actually remember the dream too. I rarely remember the dreams I have.

DIDDO! I wouldn't be able to live without it.
The Laura Marling one is a good song. Would you mind telling me some of the artists you listen too?