Monday, June 22, 2009

And the Sky was a Thousand Colors

(Thanks Bri)

Bri slept over again...except this time...we hardly slept. We stayed up all night long...blogging, listening to music....then I looked out the window, and the sky had changed from a dark velvet to a cloudy, almost violet, grey. The sun was rising :)

Brianna took most of the photos...while I watched the sky change to Orange and Pink and Light blue in between.

As I walked out my bedroom door, Bri asked

"won't your mom get mad?!"
I replied

"haha...I dont know...probably"

It was a chance I was willing to take

I tip-toed out the front door and quietly ran down to the sidewalk. I sat down on the edge of the sidewalk and watched the sky. I quitely sang Moon River to myself.

I ran back upstairs and into my bedroom. I jumped beneath the covers and brianna found my "things to get lost to" playlist.

Drifted off to sleep at 6 am to the beautiful melody of a lullabye...and the image of the sunrise still in my mind



A little Princess said...

Hello Sunshine! The images in this post are very nice. Also, there's a wee somthing for you on ma' blog xoxo

Lonely Heart said...

I love watching the sunrise. I don't get to do that very much anymore --make that hardly ever. But there was one summer where I would stay up all night just to watch the sunset and rise. It's one of the fond memories I have of that year.

The pictures are stunning = ]

Sprinkle said...

Aww princess. :] thats so awesome. I don't think I've ever seen the sunrise. I must do this with Chiclet sometimes--she lives on a lake so she has a dock in her backyard that we could sit on :]
These images are such a beauty. <3
Have fun in Egypt, darling.
xoxo Sprinkle

Rochelle Blue said...

How magical... I love watching the sun rise! there's just something so lovely about it... *sighs*
very stunning pictures =]


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos! i love the sunset (or is it the sunrise?)
anywhoo...your friend bri sounds pretty cool. you can tell her i said that :)

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Watching the sky is always something I love doing. It,s so calming! And that sky on your pictures reminds me so much of the way it looks at home!