Sunday, June 21, 2009

Leaning now into the breeze

Watching life pass by from the window of your car...
Have you ever wondered if you could suddenly run out of time?
It all goes by too fast
I really wish I couldn't miss a second
I think knowing this...only makes life more special


Sprinkle said...

These pictures are gorgeous. Wow. & the music mixed with this actually made me cry :S I'm sort of a hopeless romantic. But honestly, watching the city lights at night time, whenever my family goes into the city, or any city, its so beautiful. I always listen to sad songs on my iPod mixed with the city noises & sparkling lights... It makes me cry. But happy sentimental tears. Like in St Louis, after the concert. I cried at the lights as I sang along. <3

PS-I know you were uploading a video to share? try instead of blogger for videos, its way faster & free. :] its how I did my St Louis video, which is up now. Thought I'd share!
xoxo Sprinkle

A little Princess said...

Sweet, those images are very pretty. I totally agree with Sprinkle, the city lights and a good soundtrack are perfect xoxo

Lonely Heart said...

No one really knows how much time they have. This usually results in the expression, "Live in the moment." When you think that you could cease to exist at any moment --wheter it be tomorrow or 80 years from now-- you come away with a greater appreciation.

Thinking about how fragile life is only makes me want to fix my mistakes that much more. Somehow I come away with a sense of what a screw up I am, but at the same time I realize what a gift living is.

Stunning pictures, and profound post. Kudos = ]