Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swing Music and Perfume

The young girl semi skipped around her room as she got ready. She felt too happy in her brand new dress that she saved up for...all her money.

Frank Sinatra was singing to her straight from her old stereo, she sang along as she put on some blush.

She sprayed on some of her Harajuku Lovers perfume and put on some her her favorite Hello Kitty lip gloss.

She put on her heart neckalace that she adored
and She put her keys into her vintage-looking purse she got from Kohl's for 7 dollars.

she took one last look in the mirror and walked out the door.


Sprinkle said...

i love your writing. :)
its beautiful.

Rochelle Blue said...

very lovely dress!
wow really? I couldn't blame you... your friend's doll house is very adorable!
and I agree, homemade things are the most magical, they're made and filled with that kind of love you can't find at a store =]


Georgie said...

So cute.

Lonely Heart said...

I'm sure you looked absolutely gorgeous! Everytime I hear swing music, it makes me wish I lived during the 1940s that much more.

Claire said...

Lovely story! Much more fun than my outfit posts :)

patricia said...

ohhhh those little perfume bottles are so cute, i was literally cooing at the computer screen for a moment there! x