Friday, June 5, 2009


Dollhouses hold such magic...maybe one day, I'll be teeny-tiny.



Rochelle Blue said...

I agree, dollhouses are magical =] I wish I still had mine...

peachy_pinklove said...

Oh please please say that dollhouse is yours truly!
oohhh this reminds me of that Dollhouse short film for Erin Fetherston, remember how afterwards the not-fairies kept frightening me and how my own dollhouse was looking up at me menacingly?
I think it's alright to get a little frightened once in a while, but not right before bed time.
Perhaps I'll remember that next time?

xxx Miss Rosebud

peachy_pinklove said...

P.S: I've found a lovely doll maker with such pretty houses *squee* ((except I'd pretend that this one isn't a hotel at all, but the von Trapp family's home in Austria, because it reminds me of it))

and now that I have clogged up your comments wall, I will bid you adieu.
Adieu! ((and sorry))