Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bittersweet Summer

Everyone is posting delightful posts on summer and how it's lemonade and ice cream will bring smiles.

Well, I'll be different, and speak of how I'll miss everything I've been through this year, is that all right?

So much has happened, so many new faces and places I never want to forget...so many worlds inside of my heart I never knew existed, some sunny and beautiful, some dark and tragic.

All the poeple, who have somehow made a difference in my life by just being in it...even if they played a seemingly small part.

I'll miss Him...my precious him...who makes tiny butterflies flutter in my stomach...who makes me feel happy and sad all at once.

But I guess, for the next two months or so...I can always enjoy lemonade and ice cream.


Lonely Heart said...

Lenore, you're not the only one.
I already miss everyone, and I don't want to people who just came into my life to leave. I don't want him to go. To my surprise I had one of the best school year's ever. I don't want to move on just yet.

--You're not the only who will have a bittersweet summer.

A little Princess said...

Oh you have such a lovely blog, I really like your style! Thank you for stopping by, I'm so glad you did! Why are you missing him for the next two months?! Ooh, lemonade and ice cream should be a good distraction xoxo

Sprinkle said...

Its completely okay :) I know exactly how you feel, and honestly, thats usually me! But since I have summerschool p.e., I get to see alot of my friends. Do you have their numbers? (Your friends, haha not mine) You could arrange fun get togethers, maybe at your local art museum, park, Starbucks? Or that field where you took Secret Fairy Wishes! :) Tomorrow I'm meeting some of my friends at Starbucks for frappucinos && cupcakes...
:D xoxo, enjoy your lemonade, and try to cheer up, cutie!

Lonely Heart said...

Thanks, Lenore = ]
You can definitely tell I'm a right-brained person all the way. Right now i'm re-reading Kodocha: It's my guilty pleasure haha. But I'm always looking for recommendations. I haven't really watched a whole lot of manga. I think the last stuff I've watched was Sailor Moon, and that was a long time ago.

I just finished another one today; I'll have to post ot or send it to you or something.

Btw, the songs on your page --they take my breath away. I love them all.