Friday, August 21, 2009

Caroline's a victim

Hello! Sorry for my absence...I just got back from Egypt a couple of days ago, and I'm very jet lag, and I've been busy with Back to school Shopping! Also, My laptop is going to get fixed :( so I might take a while to post alot...

But anyway, Friday's Music Video!!! Well, as you know, I love Kate Nash...and this is her first single...very Unique, and unlike alot of her stuff, but I think It's such an amazing video and I love the room :) and Kate on the drums!

I'll post more next of now I'm at a sleepover with Bri! Do you have any plans this weekend dears?



Sprinkle M. said...

Soooooo much is happening with Him, ahhhhhh! It seems like suddenly all I can even THINK about is him, & when I see him in the halls, I can't breathe and my heart starts fluttering... Whats happening to me?!?

Lonely Heart said...

I'm glad you made it safely back home = ]. The Kate Nash song is different. And lucky for me, I love different. It's simple, yet unique.

This weekend has been all about recuperating. I got a horrible sinus infection on Wednesday. Thursday after work, I came home and went straight to bed. Seventeen hours later and a two and a half hour nap thrown in, I felt much better. I'm still a little sick, but on the mend.

Hope you had a fun sleepover!

Rochelle Blue said...

I'm so happy that you've come back home safely, I hope you had a lovely time in Egypt =)
the music video is nice, very creative. Kate Nash has a very unique voice and the song is actually catchy.
my weekend has been all right, I've been sort of under the weather, so I haven't done much, but thats all right.
hope you're doing well.


Rochelle Blue said...
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