Friday, August 14, 2009

Pyramids and Micheal Jackson

Hello! I have been absent for a while...And I'm sorry, I guess I was still too busy with this amazing City, Cairo!!

I'll miss it here when I leave :(

Apparently I was born right in front of the Nile River! And now I get to come back to where I was born after being gone for a whole year :) I feel as if the Nile itself flows through my veins...and it always will...
I've also been busy getting over the excitement of Sprinkle's blog post on me!! :)
She did an amazing job...better than I ever imagined!
I'm so glad she did this for me...

I just got done watching this amazing and inspiring movie!! Ahhhhh, so sweet! Makes me really want to go back and live in the 80s and dance to Micheal Jackson...

Hmmm...I think I'm gonna try and learn how to do the Thriller Dance! :) And as for Friday's music Video...I have been hooked on Regina Spekor lately!! And this song is just sooooo bittersweet and inspiring...and such a pretty music artistic! :)

Well...that's it for now!! Hope You all had a fantastic week!! see ya sweethearts!



Maria ♥ said...

I have always wanted to see the pyramids in person but I've heard they are much smaller than imagined. Is this true?

Maria ♥ said...

Also; I totally agree miss Spektor has an awesome voice.

Sprinkle M. said...

I love Regina's new album :D
& aww dear thank you for the mention, you're too sweet! xo

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

cairo is on my list of places to visit now ;)

and thanks for the very sweet comment on my rant post...ha, i thought i would get angry comments for some reason, but i guess not :)

and i've been well, how about you?

Lonely Heart said...

I'm starting to think you're never going to leave Egypt = p The pictures are awesome!
Ah, Michael Jackson was an amzingly skilled dancer.
Regina Spektor! Love her music.

*jemima* said...

hello :)

I'm fins thank you :) just busy with schoolwork. How are you? Yeah, I love that Seventeen Forever song but it doesn't seem very popular over here :( but its so very beautiful and it reminds me of bella and edward. i hope you liked the twilight pictures, they're fab!

i like your new blog layout!!!! it's brill!!!


Rochelle Blue said...

hello lovely,
I've never heard of Regina Spekor before, but I'm really enjoying the music video. she has an unusual but stunning voice.
Cairo looks stunning! I really want to go visit there, you are very lucky.
and 13 going on 30 is amazing! my mum's best friend bought it for me a few years ago for Hanukkah and I simply love it =)


Rochelle Blue said...

oh and your outfit for the Alice in Wonderland movie sounds fabulous! I will definitely put up pictures of my outfit once I've found it =]