Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello! I'm completing the Secret Fairy Wishes challenge. I've already posted the rules, but here they are again:

Make a bunch of secret fairy wishes, hopes, desires, or bits of advice and scatter them somewhere magical...
Take lots of pictures and/or video and post it to your blog, telling us all about your fun.
Tag at LEAST 3 other bloggers.
Go to and comment to tell us you did it! We'll feature you and you could earn a prize!
Put this lovely banner in your sidebar!
**Note: You don't have to be tagged to participate, but you do have to tag others if you participate and you must participate if you're tagged!
These are my wishes

There is this beautiful field by my house, and I thouht it was so magical, that I decided to scatter them there

Here are the scattered wishes

Thank you Sprinkle, for such a wonderful idea. I had so much fun! I hope my wishes will bring magic to others who walk around the field, and that my wishes will come true...
The people I am tagging are:
~peachy_pinklove (even though she's on LJ and not Blogger)
May all your lovely wishes come true!!!!!
ps-the black frills, on the last picture, thats my lovely Lolita Dress <3


Sprinkle said...

YESSSSSSSS! I love them. :) Its so cool to see people doing this, since I created this little project... So lovely... <333

Lenore said...

Yay!!! I'm soooo glad that you like it!!!! You did an awesome job with this whole idea by the way.


Sprinkle said...

Thank you! Also, I featured you on
I'm going to start looking for a prize... i just can't seem to get people to DO it, even though its a tag. :(
Thanks to you though! It was soooo lovely.

mai said...

many thanks for the tag :)
it looks like fun!
i haven't a clue what to wish for though...

Lenore said...

oh, you dont have to wish, you can write song lyrics, or pretty thoughts, like i wrote "Just Breathe" on another one, I wrote a quote from the Twilight book "The lion fell in love with the lamb"
good luck Mai!!

and thank you sooooo much Sprinkle!! You have no idea how excited and giggle-ish this made me, I'm soooo happy that you featured me. Thank You.


ps-have a happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lenore, you did a great job.

Thank you for tagging me, I'm seriously planning on going through with it but... what if I don't have anyone to tag?

Sprinkle said...

PS-I gave you an award... <333
Happy New Years

Lenore said...

Yay! Sprinkle...You're Amazing!