Sunday, November 30, 2008


It was as cloudy as ever all day. I kept myself busy with the computer, Television, Homework, and a nap. The rain stopped, but it swomehow still lingered in the air. When I went outside to fetch the mail, I could smell the rain all around me. Especially in the wet grass and street puddles. It was somehow very nostalgic...

I like to pretend that puddles are very, very deep, and I jump over them. i did this on the way back from the mailbox which was empty. I'm waiting for my magazine to show up...
This book ((A Time Of Angels)) is part of my homework, to read a historical fiction, but at the same time, I am enjoying it very much! It takes place in 1918, during the war. Hannah ((the main character)) has been seeing angels lately, so she draws them. But she truly needs an angel to bring her family together again when the influenza epidemic ravages their community. I love the author Karen Hesse, She makes me feel what the characters are feeling.
" Over the night streets in Boston, angels fly. Angels soar in their shimmering robes. Their eyes shine. their wings stretch tip to tip across the broad avenues."
-A Time Of Angels, page 1.
I believe in angels more than ever now...They're watching over all of us <3