Sunday, April 12, 2009

Short Boston Movie I Made :)

Heres a short movie I made with some taping I did in Boston. I know it really has no point and is waaaay too short, but I couldn't get enough footage haha. Its just a fun little movie I made. :)


Sprinkle said...

Wow thats so pretty! I loved the video, and the music was adorable.
I hope you can go back someday.

Rochelle Blue said...

really nice. and I really enjoyed the music! it may be short, but it was entertaining! ;)

Lonely Heart said...

I'm going to have to agree with the other two commenters, the music was great = ]. Awesome video!

And thank you again for your comment on my post. You're right: I need to stop focusing on the bad things and start focusing on the good things I have.

Yeah, I wish guys did chase me more, but I don't want them chasing me for the wrong reasons, so maybe I should be thankful for the body I have haha.

True. Very true. Things with P. are somewhat complicated. But he did once tell me he didn't want me to feel like he was just trying to get in my pants. That's not who he was. That was comforting to know, yet at the same time that's all guys really think about. You know? So that brings a whole lot of other stress to make sure you look good all the time. I mean he's only seen pictures so far, and I've been very picky of the ones he's seen. I'm just afraid he has a mental picture of me that's not going to match up to the real me if that makes sense.

Hmmm maybe on my 18th birthday, I'll wake up and magically look different = p. Eh, one can dream right? haha

Sometimes I wish I could just just stop crying...

Georgie said...

It's a cute video.

*jemima* said...

Dear Lenore,

Hello!!! Welcome back :) I have been absente as well but I am back like Terminator... well without the muscles hopefully :)

I am okay, still surviving :P Your video is rather lovely and so does Boston look lovely as well. The view from your window is AMAZING :P

Its brilliant to see the Lenore back and I look forward to more blog entries :)


p.s Your music box is lovely. Flying With Pan music??? A sign of wonderful taste!

elle moss said...