Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boston-day 1

After arriving, the flight attendant helped me to find Minnie (my moms friend who i was taying with) after we got my suitcase from baggage claim, we were off to catch a cab. I will never for get that taxi ride. thye whole time, all I could say was "omigosh!! Lights, Buildings...!!" It was especially beautiful to ride on a bridge and see all the builiding from afar and all the tiny little lights, just like in the movies! After getting to her apartment (which was lovely!) i took a shower, and made a nice bowl of hot ramen noodles while watching CSI. My bedroom had an amazing view, and I fell asleep with city lights illuminating the tiny room.

day 1

waking up was beautiful because i wasn't in my own room, I woke up to see a sunny morning with a real city outside. I had a lovely breakfast (Minnie's ommelettes are amazing!) then spent the morning getting dressed, and taking pictures and recording footage out my window.

outside my window

we decided to spend the day walking around the city and going shopping at HnM. The city was beautiful and filled with all sorts of people. We stopped by an old Church that was so beautiful. It was built probably a hundred years ago and had amazing acultures and courtyards.

We then shopped at HnM, which was lovely. I got some awesome purple skinny pants, and leg warmers. After that, we simply walked around the city...

then, we went to this huge building called the Prudential. It had a mall inside:

We ate there then decided to go home and hang out a bit before going to see Coraline. It was an amazing movie, which was very well directed and I loved it's gothic fantasy feel. Only problem, it was Valentines day, so the movie theater was soooooo crowded and I had to sit on the stairs on the side of the

somehow we ended up in China Town after coming out of the movie we caught a cab and went home.

Again, we stayed up late and we watched the movie of the life of Celine Dion (actually quite interesting...)

Once again i fell asleep with city lights making me feel safe and happy.



Sprinkle said...

OMG! This is so fabulous! I love it :) Will you upload some of your videos too? Love love love.
I wish to go to a big city.. So badly.

Lonely Heart said...

The pictures are amazing! And I'm definitely jealous you got purple skinny pants haha. So far Boston sounds amazing, and now I want to go there.


Lonely Heart said...

First of all, expect a longer comment responding to the one you just gave me.

I just wanted to say omg I can SO relate (not the same situation), but AH I'll explain later. My sister needs to use the computer again.

But I'm really glad I "met" you = ]

Rochelle Blue said...

Thank you for your comment =)!
it looks like you had a stunning time!! I can't wait for day two! and the photos you took are fabulous!
I'm starting to really like the Boston city... maybe I'll get my parents to consider taking me and my sister and going there lolz... =D
oh I love the song Bad Boy, and What Hurts the Most. But Everytime We Touch is also divine! I especially love the music video of that song ;)
and haha they are cool! Nightwish is one of the best! and I hope you will check them out =)
love rochelle

Lonely Heart said...

PETER PAN! I love the movie, and this song is amazing. I LOVE IT!

Ok I know I haven't been through a divorce, but we're so similar it's crazy. Have you ever heard Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar? I know, all too well, what you're going through with the guy thing. It's so tough when it's your heart on the line. Just take sometime to think things through. Think about what you're looking for in a guy, and don't settle for anything.

Pete Wentz was brilliant for saying that. We all have have to shut off our emotions a little bit. For you it was the divorce; for me it was my depression.

Family. Sometimes they can be so difficult to deal with, and sometimes they can be a lot of fun. Recently my family has been getting under my skin more and more. I'm dying to move out. I'm dying to get away. But when you're not around your family a lot, you being to appreciate them more, and then being around them is not so bad. It's just a matter of toughing it out until then.

I think I could talk forever about marriage and finding someone special. Commitment scared me so much in the beginning, but now I feel a tad bit better about it. I still tell everyone there's no way I'll ever get married. I'm a loner by nature, and I really don't know if there is a guy out there who is willing to put up with me. I remember walking around town with a friend, and this subject came up. Immediately she started laughing and saying, "You? Married? Like that will ever happen." I wasn't offended by what she said; I was kinda in agreement: I couldn't see myself married in 5 + years.

I have a lot of issues with the role of men and women when it comes to marriage (I won't get into that right now). And I've only really had one bf, who I loved, but I sure as heck knew I would never ever marry him. And not that I wanted to at 16. The only relationships I'm good at are long distance ones, which is why P. and I are getting along quiet swimmingly right now; although, techniqually we're not anything offical.

I see my parents fight and yell at each other, and I'm thankful that I know they love each other and would never let a fight go unresolved, but I don't want to end up like them. I can't exactly explain things right unless you've lived with my parents.

I know it's going to be a scary thing letting someone get that close to you after seeing what your mother went through, but not all men are like that. You have to maintain an optimistic outlook. Don't let yourself think that the man you fall in love with an marry will do that to you.

You said it! We are always growing up. Problems come up, so that in the future we'll know how to deal with them. And if we don't learn how to do that now, how can we be expected to make it in the real world? Not everything it a bed of roses. Life is unexplainable: It's hard and wonderful all at the same time.

This is a terribly long comment, but I had so much to say after reading your last comment to me haha.


MyFaceMakesToast said...

Oh I am so jealous! I've never been to Boston before! Those pictures look amazing:)

It seems like you had a lot of fun! I might go there someday .. someday~