Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween

Happy Halloween dears!!! :)

I have a fun day planned ahead of me...I'm having some close friends over, where we will trick or treat then stay up late watching scary movies!

My Costume is pretty average...all the things I wanted to dress up as basically showed wayy too much skin (Does anyone else feel how annoying this is...No one wears clothes anymore!!)

So...since I am a good girl ;) I decided to just gather up a bunch of things I have here at home and make a costume!

1. Funeral Veil from Hot topic
2. My Lolita dress
3. A Lace arm-warmer
4. mary-jane ballet flats
5. Lots of dark makeup

I haven't quite thought of a name...but I suppose if someone asks me, I could say a Widow...Or someone at a funeral? haha

Oh! I have also made a halloween playlist for me and my friends to listen to as we munch on candy :D

Click here to see it!

So this is a little gift to you! I've added lots of stuff from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a bit from an anime show I Like (Vamire Knight rocks!!) and the main theme for The Corpse Bride (which is also the main song on my blog)

So, tell me what YOU are doing on this fine halloween day?!



Sara said...

your costume sounds great! I was a "lady" when people asked!

Linda said...

Ooooohh! I hope we get to see the finished product?? ;))

Lizard said...

I want to see your completed costume! I was the mad hatter kodona style xD You can see my pictures on my blog hhahhaa.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween :D