Sunday, May 17, 2009

forgive me

Please do forgive me, I've had the longest past couple of weeks!! My dad took me and my brother to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, then, just this past weekend, I went to my dear Great Grandma's funeral in Rosedale, Indiana. I miss her, but the town was lovely, and I met all these cousins i never knew i had!!

I said, I would make Boston-Day 2 my next post, but I do not have time right now, so instead, I'll make up for it, by posting some pictures from Myrtle Beach!

This one was when i was in a ferris wheel at a carnival by the ocean!



Sprinkle said...

These photos are spectacular... I love how you can always tell a difference between the photos of bloggers & those of everyone else... Bloggers and creative types seem to see beauty in places no one else looks... :)

Lonely Heart said...

I haven't been to a beach in ages.
The pictures really are pretty. I really like the airial view of the beach. Can you say gorgeous? You're not the only one who's been insanely busy, so don't feel bad about not blogging. The good news is Summer is coming up, and then we can blog all we want = ].

Hang in there.

Pixie July said...

Hooray! I am glad you're posting again. Looks like you've had a busy few weeks and a very indie day. I think your scrapbook has stolen my heart. ^ xx

Mila said...

Nice dear! <3
Lovely to hear you had a great time! I should see my family more...i suddenly realise.

Have a great week sweety!